I started my firm in July of 2016 after 25+ years of in the banking industry:  I have served as a regulator, a retail banker and a correspondent banker in the Community Banking world.  The small town community bank is the heart and soul of any small town…pick your definition of small town.  It is the place where you obtained your first loan, have your first checking and/or savings account.  It is where the teller line knows your name and asks “how’s your momma?”   It is where the community leaders gather and discuss the future of the community; whether in a formal board meeting or around the bank’s kitchen table drinking coffee.  It is the community cookouts in the bank’s parking lot or the boxes of Girl Scout cookies lined up for sale. 

The focus of my firm is loan portfolio management.  That encompasses loan review, ALLL (and eventually CECL) adequacy, individual loan analysis, aiding in setting up or evaluating an internal loan review function or performing due diligence on bank’s loan portfolio for a potential merger.  Additionally, I can aid you in moving loans that  are beginning to exhibit weaknesses that are trending toward a classification or help you reduce concentrations.  Banking is hard enough when you’re  a “big bank”.  At the community bank level…without the proper help – it is a chore!  Let me serve you by  putting my years of experience to work for you.

For the small business:  Let  me aid you in finding the right capital solution for you.  No two businesses are alike.  Why get a cookie cutter loan?  Let me serve you in finding the solution(s) that best fit your needs; whether it is commercial real estate, lines of credit, or purchase, regardless of loan size.  I have the experience and knowledge to aid the small business.  We are here for you!

So – where did the name of my firm originate?  Pretty simple.  I took the name from the promise that God made to Noah when it was time for Noah and his family to get off the boat:  While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease…Genesis 8:22.  That promise is simply as long as the earth remains, things will continue.  Regardless of the circumstances, when you look out your window; is the earth is still spinning?  If so, we have an awesome opportunity to make a difference in our world.  That is my mission.  Help the community bank and the small business to continue to make a difference in their world.